Noriko Morinaga
Japan Pearl Promotion Society
Executive committee member of “Pearl Design Contest”

After completing courses at Bunka Women’s University College, worked at Jun Ashida Co., Ltd., and later at K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd., where she studied under prominent designers leading high fashion in Japan.
She then moved on to pearl farms in Uwajima, Mie prefecture, to acquire first-hand knowledge of pearls, started making hand-made pearl jewellery, and established a company in 2004.
Her motto is “to help women be happier”, and she has produced several original brands, including “Morinaga Noriko” and “Happy Angel”. 
She has many appearances on TV shopping programs and magazines, and is a visiting lecturer at Bunka Gakuen University.
Since 2013, she produced “Pearl Design Contest”, which is sponsored by Japan Pearl Promotion Society. Also in 2014 it’ll be held. You can read the news on the web about this event of 2013 below.(Only in Japanese)Volume1andVolume2.


Otekomachi article taken from daily newspaper, Yomiuri Shinbun
“My work is to help people feel happy”

“Felice” published by Sumitomo Life Insurance
“I want to make jewellery that would make ladies happy just by wearing them.”

“Otona no Waseikatu” published 5 July, 2007, Shufu to Seikatsu Sha

『non・no MORE Wedding 2006秋冬』








“La Vie de 30ans”
“ShopChannel” December 2004 
”ShopChannel” June,July,August 2008
“non・no MORE Wedding 2006Autumn/Winter”